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Our Education Program

Sunday School

Our program has something for everyone. We have a nursery which is open to as young as they come, up to preschool. Youth, age four through high school seniors, participate in age-appropriate programs. In addition to Bible lessons and observance of Christian holidays, the school year is filled with special activities to help each participant grow in their relationship with God. Some of these activities include: students taking home Indigo, the Prayer Dog, for a week of praying with him; creative fundraising to support Missions needs, both local and around the world; Children's Sunday during worship service; just to name a few.


Available to late middle school / early high school students is a two year confirmation program. Students discuss the Bible, Congregationalism and other religions, participating in field trips to visit various places of worship.

Vacation Bible School

A day long program full of music, games, science experiments, art projects and lessons, focused on learning about God and His ways.

Adult Bible Study

Two weekly opportunities to explore Books from the Bible or topical:

     Wednesday mornings - 10:30 am

     Thursday evenings - 7:00 pm


There is nothing more gratifying than the opportunity to serve another, in the hope that they feel the light and strength of Christ at a challenging time in their life.

Our annual fundraisers, which include the tag sale and Military Whist card game, allows us to raise funds, to help bring Christmas to a number of local families.


We also collect items that include gloves, hats, socks, toiletries, gift cards and cookie platters which are donated to the local shelter and soup kitchen.

In addition, each year we join with two other local churches, participating in the CROP Walk. This provides us with the opportunity to collect funds in support of global needs.

Recently, we had the joy of working with Habitat for Humanity, to help frame a house for a young military family.

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