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Third Congregational

Kim Kennedy, Administrative Assistant


“I assist Pastor Daniel, the church staff, and the boards and committees with the many things they do to serve the congregation. For example, I help produce the bulletin for Sunday services, as well as the weekly News & Notes email.  My goal for the latter is to help keep members informed and up-to-date about church activities.  Please get in touch anytime I can be of assistance.”


Phone:  860-632-0733

Email:   ThirdChurch94@gmail.com

Sharon Maloney c2.jpg

Sharon Maloney, Treasurer


“In my position as Treasurer I handle all financial aspects of the church. My duties include recording income and tracking offerings,  paying the bills and payroll.  I attend the Trustees' meetings and present the monthly financial activities and position of the Church.  I support the committees at special events and with committee financial reports. I love being with my Church family in and out of Church.  I am always happy to answer any financial questions you may have.  Just pop me an email and I will contact you.”


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: treasurerthirdchurch@gmail.com

Collin Kennedy, Youth Minister


"Youth Ministry:  Classes are provided for children aged 4 years through 12th grade. Students have many opportunities to learn, interact and shine in the classroom and at special events.  We have a staffed nursery where your little one is cared for in a clean, loving environment.  The school year runs from September through June. Our Youth Minister, Collin Kennedy, oversees the program. Collin has a passion for aiding and elevating youth to appreciate and love God as much as he does. His focus will be to develop relationships with other churches in the surrounding area to better connect the children and teenagers of smaller churches. It is his opinion that teenagers have a better chance of returning to Christ, God and church when they develop lasting relations with people their own age who are also Christian."


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: thirdchurchyouthminister@gmail.com

Neil Dokurno.jpg

Neil Dokurno, Organist and Choir Director 


“To say that it has been a rewarding experience for me to be involved with worship through music at our church would be a great understatement.  It has been one of the great joys of my life.  This friendly, down-to-earth congregation has welcomed me wholeheartedly, and I fully reciprocate that good vibe! Our choir is a wonderful group of singers who come together each week to offer our best music in thanksgiving and prayer. Please come and join us!”


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: thirdchurch94@gmail.com 

NATE sexton.jpg

Nate Chapin, Sexton


"My role at third church is being a helpful sexton. I do my best to keep our place of worship clean. My favorite part of my job is opening the doors on Sunday morning for all to enter."


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: thirdchurch94@gmail.com 

DSuttonrvsd cropped.jpg

Dolores Sutton, President


"Lay leaders generously volunteer their time and talents to serve God through the church. Our president oversees the work of the boards and committees and presides over the monthly Standing Committee meeting."


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: thirdchurch94@gmail.com 

Mary Ellen Schildwaster, Vice President


"The vice president becomes more familiar with the boards and committees and, is available to step in when the president is unavailable, as needed."


Phone: 860-632-0733

Email: thirdchurch94@gmail.com 

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